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Rudai 23 ~ Thing 3 ~ Image Banks

I’ve been a member of Flickr for years, but never really paid it much attention, and I’d never come across Pixabay, so getting started on Rudai 23’s Thing 3 project was a real eye-opener.

As Flickr is the platform I’m familiar with, I started there. The idea of Creative Commons is also, I’m sorry to say, a new one to me. But what a fabulous invention! To be able to search such a vast selection of images only for those you are able to use is fantastic for freeing up time. I decided to use the same search term, ‘mythology Cornwall’ on both platforms so that I could compare the results; Flickr’s ‘any license’ selection had surprisingly few (to my mind at least):

But once I’d found a few results I then followed the instructions to create a gallery; again, something I hadn’t investigated before. I must say that I love this feature for saving images which may be useful in future:

What I did find slightly irritating is that the app (iOS, used on an iPad) doesn’t seem to give you the option to view galleries, but that is a minor niggle.

Having played with Flickr I moved on to Pixabay, and typed in the same search; the results here were fewer, and whilst there was an option to ‘like’ the images, there was no facility to store them in a gallery of any sort:

Admittedly this is early days for me and searching image banks, but I love how simple both sources are to use, and how easy they make it for you to be certain that your use of the images is legal. That said, I’ll probably stick with Flickr – I do like to pretend that I’m organised!

A time for (brief) introductions

Meanwhile, back in the world of libraries and information management…

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I was a librarian. A university librarian, then a further education college Assistant Learning Resource Centre Manager; they are, essentially, the same thing. I had degree in English Literature from Middlesex Poly (I told you it was a long time ago!) and an MA in Information and Library Management from the University of Northumbria. Then I left it all behind to bring up my children.

And while I did that, I trained as a yoga teacher.  I missed academia so I did a second MA, this time in English Literature at Exeter University. Then I taught myself jewellery making, and I began a business making and selling jewellery, and running holiday cottages.

But now my children are grown, and my time will be more my own. I plan to take a PhD, but I also love the idea of getting back into library work in some way. And so I’m taking an online course ~ Rudai 23 ~ to help with that, and this blog is stage one.

I’m not sure yet what you can expect to see here, so be prepared for a random selection of thoughts relating to libraries, information, studying, literature, folklore, storytelling… and who knows what else!


Oh, and if you’re wondering about the blog title… When I was trying to come up with a name, the first thing that leapt into my head was a line from a song. So let’s just call it a blend of “…too much information…”,   PhD ideas on literature and folklore, and the fact that I am a Northumbrian lass in Cornwall, and something about it reminds me of home!