Rudai 23 ~ Thing 5 ~ Video Presentations

Video Presentations. Not something I have any familiarity with. Again. But I had a quick play around, and produced one on Powtoons and one on Screencast-o-matic. I will confess, before I go any further, that I am not a fan of instructional videos; really, I can’t bear them. I will do anything to avoid watching one. But I realise that this is possibly not something to be proud of, or to shout about. I will continue to prefer reading ‘how to’ items, but I accept that I am probably in the minority…

I  have posted my second video first. I found Screencast-o-matic clear, concise and easy to use; not very exciting perhaps, but that isn’t really the issue here, is it?

Powtoons, on the other hand, I really did not like. It was too fiddly, too much like a story; however, I imagine with a specific reason to produce one I may feel differently. Certainly I can see how they would appeal to some users. I also had issues exporting the video, as after deliberately selecting the free tools, it then told me I had used some ‘locked’ items. So, don’t be too disappointed, but I’m afraid I can’t show you my masterpiece!


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  1. Kris Meen says:

    Great video! I really like the choice of background music in particular, and the volume setting. I find this is an aspect that really derails a lot of videos for me — particularly Powtoons!

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