Rudai 23 ~ Thing 4 ~ Communicating Visually

Yet more new things for me to learn! I’ve not had any reason over the last few years to produce posters or images to convey a message – well, I possibly have, but I’d not thought about it, so for this task I fell back to my go-to topic, Cornish Folklore. In case you’re wondering, it was the topic for my MA dissertation, hence the interest.

First up was Photofunia, an app with a bank of images which you can alter either with your own picture or text. It’s simple to use, although limited by the range of images available for your use, but I can see how it could be a quick way to produce something with immediate impact. These are 3 of mine:



After messing about with pictures for a while I moved on to Quik, a video-editing app which allows you to combine several photographs together into a short film. I tried a couple; they’re fairly random but it gives an idea of what is available.


Quik Folklore 2

Quick – Folklore 1


What I did notice was that 2 of my saved images from Photofunia wouldn’t work in the Quik app; there was no explanation as to why, but once I’d realised that that was the case I could work around it. I still personally have no reason to use these, but I can certainly see the use!







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